Update on the Seven Opportunities from the 2011 IT Assessment

In 2011, Penn State conducted a University-wide assessment of information technology. The assessment, which was led by the University and facilitated by an outside consultant, originated from goal six of the 2009–14 Penn State Strategic Plan and focused on three broad objectives:

  1. To quantify and understand Penn State’s current level of investment in technology
  2. To recommend changes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT services, with particular focus on optimizing the balance between distributed and common services
  3. To recommend changes to IT governance (planning, prioritization, assessment, and decision making) to improve the University’s collective ability to manage its investment in technology

Through the assessment, seven opportunities were identified as being key factors in improving the effectiveness of technology and the ability to balance common and distributed IT services at Penn State. This document outlines the status of those seven opportunities as of January 2016.


Related Projects

Although the following are not part of the seven opportunities from the 2011 IT Assessment, they have resulted from those initiatives and/or are closely related to the seven opportunities.